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Village Kids

We love kids and are grateful for the opportunity to help them discover the God who loves them!  The Village believes in a multi-faceted approach to introduce kids to the grace of God.  

Parent and Family Development

Since kids are heavily influenced by their parents and guardians, we seek to help parents and guardians live as disciples of Christ who highly value passing on God's ways and values to the children under their care.  For this to happen, parents and guardians must be growing in the grace of God in the midst of the grace-filled and purposeful fellowship that house churches provide.

Village Kids Classes

In addition to parent and family development, The Village also prioritizes age-appropriate kids' classes during our weekly Central Teaching (Sunday @11am). Classes are provided to all kids (birth-1st grade) and (2nd though 6th grade). These classes provide biblical teaching, fun, and fellowship in order to give children a taste of living in grace-filled, purposeful fellowship.